Engagement Solutions

Multi-Media Based Polls Images, YouTube Videos, Instagram Clips, Vine Clips, Standard Text, GIF and Daily Motion Videos

Buy Now Insert links to direct voters to pages where your products and services can be purchased after casting their vote

Rewards Reward voters with enticing discounts and coupons to drive in-store and online traffic to customers interested in your what you have to offer

Contests Create fun contests to engage consumers, build a ground swell and excite the community

Livestream Embed your YouTube, Livestream, Ustream or DaCast accounts into your Pocial page and invite your viewers to vote on topics related to your livestream, to get live audience participation like never before

Live Chat Use the Live Chat feature to communicate directly with your core audience.

Trivia Tests Engage your audience in fun trivia tests. Allow them to see how knowledgeable they are on topics they enjoy most.

Compatibility Tests Engage your audience in fun compatibility tests. Allow them to see how compatible they are with each other on topics that interest them!

Open Questions Ask any question you like without limitation and receive unfiltered real- time feedback direct from your consumer


With Pocial, businesses are able to capture & centralize currently dispersed sets of data, all in one place by ingraining
Pocial tools into their current marketing efforts, both social and traditional.

Actionable Data

Your ability to achieve your business goals is dependent on your intimate understanding of your consumer. Pocial provides key data
insights for businesses looking to improve their customer relationships and quantify the perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes of their
core audience.

Pocial is your very own data mining platform that gives you the ability to unify
your sales, marketing and business development campaigns.

Mine the data of your existing traditional and social media marketing efforts to target more effectively

Plan Business Development strategies based on real-time consumer feedback

Convert actionable insights into sales opportunities

Case Studies